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Help Save My Life, Donate A Kidney

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               "Our Life"

Mike and Glenda, met four years ago, in a Yahoo chat room, on the internet.  She moved from Texas to Canada to marry and take care of him, giving up most of her material possession's, as well as leaving family behind.  Glenda, was well aware of  Mike's health problems and the extended period of time, he had been on dialysis, however  it didn't discourage her.  Everyday is a struggle financially, physically and emotionally, yet they carry on..Taking one day at a time, together...
Mike is 58 years old and the following is a recount of what he has experienced throughout the last nine years..."I lost my kidney's nine years ago, as a result of a rare condition called, "Goodpasture Syndrome".  I live in Canada, a country, where kidney transplants do not take place for many, many, years.  Each year is harder than the year before, but I try to keep a good attitude, as it is the only way to survive.  I long for the time when I can receive a transplant and return to a somewhat normal life."
Mike is on dialysis, three times a week. Has suffered many setbacks and conquered them..We feel God has a purpose for him, that he has not yet fulfilled.. Every day is a struggle but yet he survives.  Help him to win this battle...Please....

Mike and Glenda

LIving For Each Other

Loving one another and praying for a "Miracle"...