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        Michael Amos



His name is Michael Amos, he lives in Barrie Ontario Canada and he has been on dialysis for 9 yrs..Without a donation of a kidney from a live donor or a loved one, that is no longer in need of their kidneys, he will die soon. .He is a wonderful caring, generous family man and deserves to live a full life.

Anyone, who gives a kidney can still lead a full healthy, productive life, Mike can't...Can you imagine living your life through a machine, he has to...Not being able to travel far from home, not being able to eat or drink the foods you enjoy?? Having two huge needles, that cause permanent knots under your skin and almost bleeding to death, each time the needles are removed, because the needle holes, after nine years, dont heal like they should,.,Trying to stay healthy, but knowing you are fighting a losing battle, because after nine years on dialysis, the body starts to deterioate and your organs begin to lose function??  Having a terminal disease, but knowing it can be reversed in a heartbeat and your life spared, by another giving human being..

If you are that caring, life giving person, who is willing to give the gift of life and who will be forever rewarded by the grace of God for giving this free precious gift and are in the, A or O blood group, please, please, email us at will furnish all information and/or needed, to all serious inquiries..Thank You

God be with you and let your heart, be your guide..


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